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cook islands pokerIf you think we're hot, humid and sweaty in the tropics - you're right. We may not have the glitter of Vegas, but we do have a glittering of stars....well, let's just say a mix of hybrid humpback whales and a pod of juveniles that just loves getting at each others nose. From the jewel islets of Aitutaki to the majestic peaks of Rarotonga, we're the original warriors of these islands. A pack of horny misfts and mutineers, forever damned to the lifelong quest - to seek the ultimate hand.

Welcome to Cook Islands Poker!

cook islands pokerOH MY CARD!

Former Cook Islands Champion Dancers strutting their stuff at the Golf Club ... shame they fold their cards like they do their legs.

June 9th

Main Event - June
The build up has begun. The Cook Islands Poker fraternity has seen some quite frantic activity as a series of small games have been held. Mainly due to a number of the big guns ....  > read more

April 25th
Marcos Farewell
News on Marco's farewell event.    > read more

March 25th
The Dealer Rakes 50
Ned Howard's 50th at the golf.    > read more

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